Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel (GPPK)

Green peeled pistachio kernel grade S

Green peeled pistachio kernel grade B

Green peeled pistachio kernel grade split

Green peeled pistachio kernel grade A


Pistachio Green Kernel:

There are available in different grades and colors which can be used for a variety of purposes in food industries. Very small quantity of green pistachio kernel can enhance the flavor of many food products while creating a very unique texture.

Our Product’s Main advantages:

Iranian green kernels specially our products with the best specific taste of the pistachio kernels in the world which are benefiting from a rich productive soil components are the main source of many vitamins and minerals. Afaltoxin matter is considered and monitored on top priority basis in our factory and we assure our customer of a completely healthy nutrient products. The quality awareness and standards conformity are the main policies followed by our team to target our customers utmost desire.