Saffron powder

Saffron All red(negin sargol)

22 AUD/per 2gr pack
33 AUD/per 3gr pack

Saffron All red (sargol)

Saffron mancha (negin Pushal)

Saffron mancha (Pushal)

Saffron bunch (Daste)



Iran answers for around 90–93% of global production and exports of saffron. the most intense varieties of saffron tend to be Iranian. This flower of health is mainly grown in Zagros Mountains which are native lands of saffron.

Our product’s main advantages:

Iranian saffron has very deep intense color and a specific unique flavor of Iranian saffron. it is rich in antioxidants, main minerals and many vital vitamines.  It contains lots of α-crocin, the main source of stigmas golden yellow color. Our company has grown to provide our customers with 100% pure product, consulting about the ways of differentiating the genuine saffron with the counterfeit one. Teamwork and aiming at customer satisfaction are the main reasons that every year attracts many customer around the world showing their confidence in us by choosing our quality products.